Thursday, 30 March 2017


Ambiverts are totally different from the two dominant classes (extrovert and introvert) of people in the world, although they are more inclined towards the introverts. These people have some unique qualities which make them different from other.
I am an ambivert so I can better describe who they are. I am going to mention some of those qualities here.

1- They are minimalists
    Generally they talk less. Whenever it's necessary they put their opinion otherwise remain silent most of the time. They talk very less with strangers and less with acquaintance and slightly more than sufficient with friends.
2- They are good listeners
    They have enough patience to listen someone, although they try to avoid unnecessary speech. They don't interrupt in between while listening someone and keep their views in the end.
3- They take their own time to make friends
    Making friends in the first meeting is the most difficult task for them. They take time to understand someone and if that person fit to them, then extend their hands for friendship.
4- They have a small friend circle
    They limit their friend list to certain number. But those friends are permanent and everything to them.
5- They love being alone
    They love to be alone maximum time and they enjoy it. Sometimes people misinterpret them as they are not social. Rather they are selectively social.
6- They are very creative
    As they are good listeners and love to be alone, they engage their time in creative works.
7- They are emotional
    They are little bit emotional and don't hesitate to show it.
8- They are serious
    They are serious about their life, future and relationships.
9- They are good decision maker
    As they take their own time for everything so take enough time for making decisions also. Don't like to take instant decision.
10- They have good presence of mind
    Certainly they have trained their mind to work suddenly at any point of time, if needed.
11- They don't show off
      They don't show off their achievements and don't like them who does it.
12- They are proactive
      They never react suddenly to anything. Whatever it may be like any success or failure their reactions are equal. They remain calm in every situation.
14- They are good analyser
      They analyse matters very well. They go for both pros and cons. They keep the conclusion(what it could be ) in their mind.
15- They are optimists
      They are always positive. They think positively but also keep the opinions of the pessimists in their mind.
16- They are good observers
      They observe everything to a greater deep. When they are alone or feel alone in crowd it's their favourite hobby.
17- They are good advisers
      They understand both the people and their situations very well. So they give good advice. Most important is they don't give any free advice to anybody.
18-  They are kind hearted
      They are very kind to everyone not only to human but also to animals and trees. They feel them, read their expressions and behave accordingly.
19- They know who they are what they are capable of
     So last but not the least they know themselves very well so no doubt they are very clever and intelligent.

So these are some qualities they have. But these people are always undermined as they aren't sufficiently expressive. Today's world are the world of extroverts. They dominate in every sector,and are well recognised. But introvert and extroverted introvert (ambivert ) are those people who have equal talent but unfortunately don't find equal space.

Monday, 6 March 2017


Sometimes life puts you in to a puzzle. You can't decide what to do at that stage. But that decision takes to you somewhere which you can't expect. So that moment of life is THE MOST important moment.
Considering myself as an example I want to illustrate it in a better way. Now I am a geoscientist in GSI, a central government employee. I am stable in my life at this particular point of time. If I will be satisfied with my job then there is nothing to think about. My job is good,prestigious (class 1 gazzatted ), getting good amount of salary. No question to think about other options. Still I want to fly higher and higher. So some options I am creating for myself are just like, I want to become an IAS officer, want to be a businessman(till now these are two options I have ). I'm sure that I can become any of these two if I want it from my heart. Now confusion enter into life. To be an IAS I have to do a lot of hard work, to be determined etc etc. Yes I can fulfil that also but now in training life, it is practically difficult, why???  Because I want to enjoy my training life, want to make every moment memorable. I just don't want to use those precious moment in gaining knowledge for civil service exam. It was one. Another is I want to  become a businessman. For that I have to take risk in both ways, money and time. My family doesn't support that type of risky investment also. And for this I will, not only have to sacrifice my current job but also one of my aim (to become an IAS ).
now coming to my life style. I love fashion which is a part of my life. If I want to do that, my current financial situation doesn't support that. Secondly my age, friend circle, enthu is fading away. So if I am waiting for my better financial condition I am loosing my present which is meant to be enjoyed . If I am trying to live a glamorous life I am doing an unfair to my family which needs me at this moment.
So to make my life in such a way to get everything I have dreamed of is practically difficult. Something I have to sacrifice. But which one I want to, is a big question. I am in a big puzzle !!! I don't even know life will take me where....(a big pause) but I hope at that point of my life I would not have any regret for my past. I would be happily reading this blog with a mild smile.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Batch Best Batch

After a long hiatus I am going to write something. So you can say it was a disconformity(geologists will better understand )
This time I am going to discuss something about that is related to my batch A( 41st ocg).
Before discussing I want to make it clear that what I am going to say is purely based on my personal opinion,which you may or may not agree with.
Already 6 modules passed. Something wrong is there in our batch which no one can deny. But no one cares. There might be some causes. One is some might be thinking after this training I will be living my own life, so I should not care about all these. Its purely wastage of time. Some might be thinking, to sustain in a batch whole members are not necessary. I can manage it by few. some might also be thinking these are all temporary people who have no value in my life...etc etc. So if we think deeply , all these causes are seems to be valid. Because it's all about how we're taking these matters.
We all are government employees and no more students. All must have some ego problem which now a days considered as self respect. 27 colleges in one batch from different parts of country living in one place,facing each other in every second. So it's obvious there will be a difference in opinion, difference in life style, difference in thinking, which in one sentence you can say frequency matching. So frequency matching with each and every person is practically difficult. So sometimes it creates misunderstanding, sometimes even worse than this. So these are all obvious things which we can't stop, after all we all are human beings. But what we can do is more important.
We all know there is a different life waiting for us after this training life. May be that will be more exciting for some, average for some and may be worse for some compare to this life. Some even can change there direction of life. So with the hope of that unpredictable future are we not wasting our present???? Okk one can say his/her future is fixed and exciting one but still is he/she not wasting a totally different life(Deep thinking needed)???
So in a misunderstanding one may be right and other may be wrong even both can be wrong is also the probability. So instead of creating a gap if we will put aside our ego and seek or grant forgiveness there will be no harm to any one. In hindi- ek bar mafi mang k ya maf karke dekho us din kitna khusi milti hai. Dil ki bojh halka ho jaegi. After all we are living a temporary training life. Why are we making it so complex. Make it memorable for good reasons not for bad reasons.
3 modules left. I hope you all have understood what I was saying. So its totally up to you. You can troll me, criticise me but of course you can't stop me.

Saturday, 7 March 2015


In this column I have expressed my view on the current topic"rape-who is the main culprit"
This topic is now on the air after the release of the documentary movie India's Daughter made by BBC.The movie is banned in India by Delhi High Court but available on YouTube.
Now a days a debate is going on the above-said topic every here and there.Some are saying female is equally responsible as male in a rape case and some are saying male is only responsible and the culprit one.When asked why they think that female is also responsible the answer comes differently from different persons.Some says  girls are wearing short dresses,so the males are excited and doing rape,so they should not wear short clothes.Some are saying girls should not go for outing in the late evening which makes them insecure,so that one gets a chance to do rape.Some also starts blaming the Indian culture which now mostly influenced by western etc etc.
My view on this topic is as follows.Firstly I say that the main and only culprit is the person who does the rape and his SICK MENTALITY.Before going to the depth of this topic I want to say one most important thing is just to exclude the style of wearing clothes of females from this topic as every rape victims are not ill-dressed.When this part is excluded and debated as a different topic then I must say girls should be in a limit and respect Indian culture at least.Indian culture is unique in the World.It has certain restrictions,rules and regulations which enhances its beauty.So when a person (male or female) is influenced by western he/she should not forget about his own culture.The simple example I am giving here-when a person appears in  an interview he/she faces some questions in which he/she has to give answers which reflects his/her own unique personality,thinking,so that the Interviewer will accept him/her as he/she is different and unique.Likewise our Indian culture is famous for uniqueness.We can be modernized by sticking to our own culture.But most people think modernization will only be possible by following western culture which is completely wrong.
Returning to the main topic.Some people say education is the main cause for rape because the people who are uneducated do such type of crime.I dont agree on this because it is seen in survey that the number of involvement of educated people are nearly equal to uneducated people in rape cases.Some people say the people of rural area are more responsible than the urban area for which illiteracy is the main cause.I also dont agree as the survey proofs wrong to this type of mindset. 
When a person comes from an environment or atmosphere where from his birth he has seen activities like women in their family are always tortured,girls are not treated equally as boys,then a pro-rape mindset is built.So the environment plays a big role like a virus spreads in a geometric progression in an environment which is suitable for it.In this case education indirectly can bring an awareness about this though not 100 percent.It is seen that a rape victim can be an adult,can be a child,can be an aged one.Which shows that the body of female not attracts the rapists,so the discussion about style of wearing clothes doesnt come into the topic at all which I have mentioned earlier.
So to stop the rape the person has to develop his mentality.In the society male and female should be treated equally.We should not blame India and its culture for this reason because Indian culture has never allowed such discrimination between male and female.If you go to the depth of Indian culture then you will be able to see women were equally treated as men and they were given respect but that culture is misinterpreted by some people who have just overlooked it and says females should not go outside in late night,in society male is the dominating one etc etc.
So according to me the mentality of the person is more important,as we have seen literate,educated,urban people also do such crime.If a person's mentality is sick then he will do the the same crime how educated he will be.So to stop this crime person has to overcome from his SICK MENTALITY for which education also plays a big role but not the only one.

Thursday, 12 February 2015


hypocrisy...hypocricy...hypocrisy.Sometimes I am so confused about this word that I start asking myself the most irritating and famous(now a days) question "am I a hypocrite ?"the next moment answer comes to my mind "definitely not !!!".Almost all of us know the meaning of this word then why do we become so hypocrite when we use this word HYPOCRISY...????
Ohh sorry I might be trying to confuse you.Few days ago this word became so famous when AIB roast was uploaded on YouTube.I don't know whether you have seen that video or not,so I cant say you lucky or unlucky,but at the end of this blog you will find your answer.
Democracy and hypocrisy-these two words are so intimate and confusing.We the Indians are the citizens of the largest democratic country of the world.We are independent and have a constitution also.So in a simple sentence we can say that we are independent up to a certain extent.But that limited area is unlimited when we use it properly.Our constitution gives us freedom of speech and right to put our opinion.Let me remind you that our constitution was written 65 years ago and the freedom of speech was included in that time not keeping in mind one thing that there will be a question to this after 65 years.Why the question(is there freedom of speech exist or not ?)arises ?Because we are not in 20th century anymore,we are in the 21st century where everything is possible by a smooth touch.We are so developed now .Freedom in a technological well developed(you can say) country is like "sone pe suhaga".
Now that confusing as well as interesting word hypocrisy enters into democracy.It does not mean that we were not hypocrites,we were hypocrites but could not find a large platform to accuse each other.If we will consider strictly the meaning of hypocrisy then everybody more or less hypocrite,I am sure.For example ,we all know about sex and do also (talking about adults) but will feel weird if someone will do sex openly in public place(the public full of adults only).so in that case we are hypocrites.At that time such a sentence like "arey ye to had hai."comes to our mind.So in this case democracy comes first,then hypocrisy.But when we use some abusive words in public may be for jokes and someone makes a negative remark,then hypocrisy comes first and then democracy.We defend ourselves by utilizing this word in sentence "why such hypocrisy? "because we know it,speak it so we should not oppose it or ban it when it is publicly used.
we cant say that we are rationalizing the word.When Aamir khan made a comment about the AIB roast,many people commented him as hypocrisy.If you will go into that video and see what Aamir has said then you will feel a difference in meaning of Aamir's hypocrisy and the original meaning of will conclude that Aamir;s hypocrisy is the better one.
Why such discrimination ? Aamir khan was hypocrisy because of Delhi belly.when u will compare both Delhi belly and AIB roast then a clearcut meaning will come to your mind.It will be unfair to compare the both but you can do to get rid of that confusion.
This was the hypocrisy part.If we will go far beyond the hypocrisy then we will see that their is clear demarcating boundary.According to Aamir we all have right to freedom of speech,then,you can say whatever you want ,you can abuse whatever you know,you can use worst to worst words but i will not try to ban you,oppose you,harm you,because you have the freedom but one thing i can do that i will simply say that i dint like what you said or what you did,because it is my freedom of speech to make a comment about something,my right to put my opinion.After that if you will declare me as a hypocrite,then i am hypocrite and i like such hypocrisy.
So my intention behind this is to let you identify the gray line between these two words and make it clear..After that if you cant able to to identify then you are more inclined to the original meaning of HYPOCRISY...