Thursday, 12 February 2015


hypocrisy...hypocricy...hypocrisy.Sometimes I am so confused about this word that I start asking myself the most irritating and famous(now a days) question "am I a hypocrite ?"the next moment answer comes to my mind "definitely not !!!".Almost all of us know the meaning of this word then why do we become so hypocrite when we use this word HYPOCRISY...????
Ohh sorry I might be trying to confuse you.Few days ago this word became so famous when AIB roast was uploaded on YouTube.I don't know whether you have seen that video or not,so I cant say you lucky or unlucky,but at the end of this blog you will find your answer.
Democracy and hypocrisy-these two words are so intimate and confusing.We the Indians are the citizens of the largest democratic country of the world.We are independent and have a constitution also.So in a simple sentence we can say that we are independent up to a certain extent.But that limited area is unlimited when we use it properly.Our constitution gives us freedom of speech and right to put our opinion.Let me remind you that our constitution was written 65 years ago and the freedom of speech was included in that time not keeping in mind one thing that there will be a question to this after 65 years.Why the question(is there freedom of speech exist or not ?)arises ?Because we are not in 20th century anymore,we are in the 21st century where everything is possible by a smooth touch.We are so developed now .Freedom in a technological well developed(you can say) country is like "sone pe suhaga".
Now that confusing as well as interesting word hypocrisy enters into democracy.It does not mean that we were not hypocrites,we were hypocrites but could not find a large platform to accuse each other.If we will consider strictly the meaning of hypocrisy then everybody more or less hypocrite,I am sure.For example ,we all know about sex and do also (talking about adults) but will feel weird if someone will do sex openly in public place(the public full of adults only).so in that case we are hypocrites.At that time such a sentence like "arey ye to had hai."comes to our mind.So in this case democracy comes first,then hypocrisy.But when we use some abusive words in public may be for jokes and someone makes a negative remark,then hypocrisy comes first and then democracy.We defend ourselves by utilizing this word in sentence "why such hypocrisy? "because we know it,speak it so we should not oppose it or ban it when it is publicly used.
we cant say that we are rationalizing the word.When Aamir khan made a comment about the AIB roast,many people commented him as hypocrisy.If you will go into that video and see what Aamir has said then you will feel a difference in meaning of Aamir's hypocrisy and the original meaning of will conclude that Aamir;s hypocrisy is the better one.
Why such discrimination ? Aamir khan was hypocrisy because of Delhi belly.when u will compare both Delhi belly and AIB roast then a clearcut meaning will come to your mind.It will be unfair to compare the both but you can do to get rid of that confusion.
This was the hypocrisy part.If we will go far beyond the hypocrisy then we will see that their is clear demarcating boundary.According to Aamir we all have right to freedom of speech,then,you can say whatever you want ,you can abuse whatever you know,you can use worst to worst words but i will not try to ban you,oppose you,harm you,because you have the freedom but one thing i can do that i will simply say that i dint like what you said or what you did,because it is my freedom of speech to make a comment about something,my right to put my opinion.After that if you will declare me as a hypocrite,then i am hypocrite and i like such hypocrisy.
So my intention behind this is to let you identify the gray line between these two words and make it clear..After that if you cant able to to identify then you are more inclined to the original meaning of HYPOCRISY...

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  1. yes, we have the freedom over several things but still there is a limitation like you are free to move your hand till it has not touched anyone's nose.