Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My Batch Best Batch

After a long hiatus I am going to write something. So you can say it was a disconformity(geologists will better understand )
This time I am going to discuss something about that is related to my batch A( 41st ocg).
Before discussing I want to make it clear that what I am going to say is purely based on my personal opinion,which you may or may not agree with.
Already 6 modules passed. Something wrong is there in our batch which no one can deny. But no one cares. There might be some causes. One is some might be thinking after this training I will be living my own life, so I should not care about all these. Its purely wastage of time. Some might be thinking, to sustain in a batch whole members are not necessary. I can manage it by few. some might also be thinking these are all temporary people who have no value in my life...etc etc. So if we think deeply , all these causes are seems to be valid. Because it's all about how we're taking these matters.
We all are government employees and no more students. All must have some ego problem which now a days considered as self respect. 27 colleges in one batch from different parts of country living in one place,facing each other in every second. So it's obvious there will be a difference in opinion, difference in life style, difference in thinking, which in one sentence you can say frequency matching. So frequency matching with each and every person is practically difficult. So sometimes it creates misunderstanding, sometimes even worse than this. So these are all obvious things which we can't stop, after all we all are human beings. But what we can do is more important.
We all know there is a different life waiting for us after this training life. May be that will be more exciting for some, average for some and may be worse for some compare to this life. Some even can change there direction of life. So with the hope of that unpredictable future are we not wasting our present???? Okk one can say his/her future is fixed and exciting one but still is he/she not wasting a totally different life(Deep thinking needed)???
So in a misunderstanding one may be right and other may be wrong even both can be wrong is also the probability. So instead of creating a gap if we will put aside our ego and seek or grant forgiveness there will be no harm to any one. In hindi- ek bar mafi mang k ya maf karke dekho us din kitna khusi milti hai. Dil ki bojh halka ho jaegi. After all we are living a temporary training life. Why are we making it so complex. Make it memorable for good reasons not for bad reasons.
3 modules left. I hope you all have understood what I was saying. So its totally up to you. You can troll me, criticise me but of course you can't stop me.

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