Thursday, 30 March 2017


Ambiverts are totally different from the two dominant classes (extrovert and introvert) of people in the world, although they are more inclined towards the introverts. These people have some unique qualities which make them different from other.
I am an ambivert so I can better describe who they are. I am going to mention some of those qualities here.

1- They are minimalists
    Generally they talk less. Whenever it's necessary they put their opinion otherwise remain silent most of the time. They talk very less with strangers and less with acquaintance and slightly more than sufficient with friends.
2- They are good listeners
    They have enough patience to listen someone, although they try to avoid unnecessary speech. They don't interrupt in between while listening someone and keep their views in the end.
3- They take their own time to make friends
    Making friends in the first meeting is the most difficult task for them. They take time to understand someone and if that person fit to them, then extend their hands for friendship.
4- They have a small friend circle
    They limit their friend list to certain number. But those friends are permanent and everything to them.
5- They love being alone
    They love to be alone maximum time and they enjoy it. Sometimes people misinterpret them as they are not social. Rather they are selectively social.
6- They are very creative
    As they are good listeners and love to be alone, they engage their time in creative works.
7- They are emotional
    They are little bit emotional and don't hesitate to show it.
8- They are serious
    They are serious about their life, future and relationships.
9- They are good decision maker
    As they take their own time for everything so take enough time for making decisions also. Don't like to take instant decision.
10- They have good presence of mind
    Certainly they have trained their mind to work suddenly at any point of time, if needed.
11- They don't show off
      They don't show off their achievements and don't like them who does it.
12- They are proactive
      They never react suddenly to anything. Whatever it may be like any success or failure their reactions are equal. They remain calm in every situation.
14- They are good analyser
      They analyse matters very well. They go for both pros and cons. They keep the conclusion(what it could be ) in their mind.
15- They are optimists
      They are always positive. They think positively but also keep the opinions of the pessimists in their mind.
16- They are good observers
      They observe everything to a greater deep. When they are alone or feel alone in crowd it's their favourite hobby.
17- They are good advisers
      They understand both the people and their situations very well. So they give good advice. Most important is they don't give any free advice to anybody.
18-  They are kind hearted
      They are very kind to everyone not only to human but also to animals and trees. They feel them, read their expressions and behave accordingly.
19- They know who they are what they are capable of
     So last but not the least they know themselves very well so no doubt they are very clever and intelligent.

So these are some qualities they have. But these people are always undermined as they aren't sufficiently expressive. Today's world are the world of extroverts. They dominate in every sector,and are well recognised. But introvert and extroverted introvert (ambivert ) are those people who have equal talent but unfortunately don't find equal space.

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