Saturday, 7 March 2015


In this column I have expressed my view on the current topic"rape-who is the main culprit"
This topic is now on the air after the release of the documentary movie India's Daughter made by BBC.The movie is banned in India by Delhi High Court but available on YouTube.
Now a days a debate is going on the above-said topic every here and there.Some are saying female is equally responsible as male in a rape case and some are saying male is only responsible and the culprit one.When asked why they think that female is also responsible the answer comes differently from different persons.Some says  girls are wearing short dresses,so the males are excited and doing rape,so they should not wear short clothes.Some are saying girls should not go for outing in the late evening which makes them insecure,so that one gets a chance to do rape.Some also starts blaming the Indian culture which now mostly influenced by western etc etc.
My view on this topic is as follows.Firstly I say that the main and only culprit is the person who does the rape and his SICK MENTALITY.Before going to the depth of this topic I want to say one most important thing is just to exclude the style of wearing clothes of females from this topic as every rape victims are not ill-dressed.When this part is excluded and debated as a different topic then I must say girls should be in a limit and respect Indian culture at least.Indian culture is unique in the World.It has certain restrictions,rules and regulations which enhances its beauty.So when a person (male or female) is influenced by western he/she should not forget about his own culture.The simple example I am giving here-when a person appears in  an interview he/she faces some questions in which he/she has to give answers which reflects his/her own unique personality,thinking,so that the Interviewer will accept him/her as he/she is different and unique.Likewise our Indian culture is famous for uniqueness.We can be modernized by sticking to our own culture.But most people think modernization will only be possible by following western culture which is completely wrong.
Returning to the main topic.Some people say education is the main cause for rape because the people who are uneducated do such type of crime.I dont agree on this because it is seen in survey that the number of involvement of educated people are nearly equal to uneducated people in rape cases.Some people say the people of rural area are more responsible than the urban area for which illiteracy is the main cause.I also dont agree as the survey proofs wrong to this type of mindset. 
When a person comes from an environment or atmosphere where from his birth he has seen activities like women in their family are always tortured,girls are not treated equally as boys,then a pro-rape mindset is built.So the environment plays a big role like a virus spreads in a geometric progression in an environment which is suitable for it.In this case education indirectly can bring an awareness about this though not 100 percent.It is seen that a rape victim can be an adult,can be a child,can be an aged one.Which shows that the body of female not attracts the rapists,so the discussion about style of wearing clothes doesnt come into the topic at all which I have mentioned earlier.
So to stop the rape the person has to develop his mentality.In the society male and female should be treated equally.We should not blame India and its culture for this reason because Indian culture has never allowed such discrimination between male and female.If you go to the depth of Indian culture then you will be able to see women were equally treated as men and they were given respect but that culture is misinterpreted by some people who have just overlooked it and says females should not go outside in late night,in society male is the dominating one etc etc.
So according to me the mentality of the person is more important,as we have seen literate,educated,urban people also do such crime.If a person's mentality is sick then he will do the the same crime how educated he will be.So to stop this crime person has to overcome from his SICK MENTALITY for which education also plays a big role but not the only one.

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