Monday, 6 March 2017


Sometimes life puts you in to a puzzle. You can't decide what to do at that stage. But that decision takes to you somewhere which you can't expect. So that moment of life is THE MOST important moment.
Considering myself as an example I want to illustrate it in a better way. Now I am a geoscientist in GSI, a central government employee. I am stable in my life at this particular point of time. If I will be satisfied with my job then there is nothing to think about. My job is good,prestigious (class 1 gazzatted ), getting good amount of salary. No question to think about other options. Still I want to fly higher and higher. So some options I am creating for myself are just like, I want to become an IAS officer, want to be a businessman(till now these are two options I have ). I'm sure that I can become any of these two if I want it from my heart. Now confusion enter into life. To be an IAS I have to do a lot of hard work, to be determined etc etc. Yes I can fulfil that also but now in training life, it is practically difficult, why???  Because I want to enjoy my training life, want to make every moment memorable. I just don't want to use those precious moment in gaining knowledge for civil service exam. It was one. Another is I want to  become a businessman. For that I have to take risk in both ways, money and time. My family doesn't support that type of risky investment also. And for this I will, not only have to sacrifice my current job but also one of my aim (to become an IAS ).
now coming to my life style. I love fashion which is a part of my life. If I want to do that, my current financial situation doesn't support that. Secondly my age, friend circle, enthu is fading away. So if I am waiting for my better financial condition I am loosing my present which is meant to be enjoyed . If I am trying to live a glamorous life I am doing an unfair to my family which needs me at this moment.
So to make my life in such a way to get everything I have dreamed of is practically difficult. Something I have to sacrifice. But which one I want to, is a big question. I am in a big puzzle !!! I don't even know life will take me where....(a big pause) but I hope at that point of my life I would not have any regret for my past. I would be happily reading this blog with a mild smile.

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